Monday, December 13, 2010

Definition of Majlis

I explained the meaning of majlis to my Hindu friend

Friend:"What is majlis?"
Me: "Basically majlis is the gathering in which our religious leader gives lecture on any topic and relates that topic to the incident of karbala"

Friend: "Ok. It sounds a little bit tough."
Me: "No! We go there to attend that lecture. We don't have to give the lecture.”

Friend: "Yes. Got your point"
Me: "Good"

Friend: "But how do they relate every topic?"
Me: "Basically everything we do can be related to good or evil and that’s what they do."

Friend: "Ok"


  1. brilliant ismat how beautifully u explained majlis.... impressive

  2. Majls kehte hain logon ke ikhte hone ko lekin jabLafz Majlis e aza istamaal hota hai tu ye Imam Hussain a.s se makhsooos ho jata hai yani logon ka saf e matam e Shabir a.s bichhaana aur us me shirkat krna?