Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something about women and their fantasies :)

Woman of all age have some fantasy are regardless of their age or status, but it doesn't mean that we r not practical. Let me explain this with example :

Yesterday, I went to a shoe shop and saw "the shoes of Cinderella" there. These shoes were made of net, they were white in color and looked very delicate. When I wore them, i felt like a princess. But I didn't buy them.
I saw another another black pair of shoes made of leather, which looked strong and more practical.
I bought them.
The reason for buying leather shoes was the need of shoes for daily wear.

There is a misconception that women buy unnecessary thing. But in reality we buy things which are needed, not the things we want to buy or which fancy us. It’s true that we fantasies things but we women are strong enough that when the times comes we ignore our fantasy and do things which are more practical. We women are proud of ourselves because deep down we know that we got the strength to face this world.


  1. Next time avoid going to the shopping with your ammi and you will sure buy the first one :p

  2. I can't say if all women these days think this way but practicality is really important and we should not lose sight of it. Good read!

  3. hmmm. nice to read such a fantasy. btw just by taking one mere eg u cant say dat women r practicle in dere approach. they just live in dere world of fantasy in which they consider themselves as Cinderella. i bet u go today n ull c that those shoes would b long gone:)