Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Story of A Proud woman

It’s morning. She is sitting in front of a mirror. Her make-up case is open and she is busy fixing her face. When she is finished, the woman looking back at her is beautiful, confident and independent. She smiles. She is now ready to face the world and its challenges.
It’s night. She is alone washing her face. The water carries away the colours and the mask she wears for the world. When she's finished, the woman in the mirror is tired and dull with eyes reflecting loneliness and pain.
This goes on and on

P.S: This story had been selected for "Short Story Competition" arranged by YALE (Youth Arts and Literary Exhibition) 2016

Thursday, December 3, 2015


" All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"
~ Orison Swett Marden

Dreamers are people who have ability to convert a simple thing into something more. Every extraordinary creation is someone imagination. Human’s greatest strength is that we can see beyond something. We can imagine whole new world. It makes our life colorful and interesting. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Azmaish wala dur

Har insan ki zindagi may aik dur ata hai jab woh samhajta hai k us ki life may kuch nahi chal raha hai aur kabhi kuch sahi nahi ho ga . Asil may yeh dur us ki azmaish ka hai, is may jo sabit qadam rahtay hain wohi kamiyab hotay hain.

Manati hun k yeh k jab har taraf say rastay band milain aur lagay k akeylay hain tou bohat takleef aur depression hoti hai. Lakin yaad rakain k yeh azmish wala dur guzar jaye ga, umeed na chorain aur himat na harain koshish karaty rahain. Allah pay aur khud pay bahrosa karain.

Mushkilata k baad hi asaniyain ati hain. Yahi mushkilat wala rasta hi kamiyabhi ki taraf jata hai. Iss k liye koi short cut nahi hai. Jo short cut k chakkar may rahatay hain who kamiyab nahi hotay balkay zalil-o-khawar hotay hain.

Allah insan ko us k mukil dur may sabit qadam rahay ki himat day aur ussay kamiyab karay (Ameen) 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It’s very easy to give advice but very difficult to follow it yourself. People always say that before giving advice try to put you in place of other person but the fact is you can’t do that because our way of thinking and personality might be different from other person. Another reason is, talking or imagining about something is totally different from actually experiencing that thing.

Most physically abused people are bounded mentally and emotionally rather than physically. They are mentally paralyzed by the pain which they endure and we can’t understand that pain or the feeling. It is possible that if we are in their place we don’t follow our own advice J

They have to overcome their fear and it’s the biggest challenge, the people who can do that are courageous people and they can face anything.

In my opinion the only advice you can give to anybody is: 
“Face your own fear and try to fight with it “

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sight and Vision

I was talking to some one about injustice of Allah and his answers opened new questions for me but I want to share that conversation:
Me: “Why Allah makes some people blind or deaf or disabled. It’s not fair with those people.”
He: “Actually we don’t know what is right or wrong. So, how can we be the judge of these things? Can you honestly say that to have a sight is good thing?”

I kept silent because honestly I don’t know the answer. I also remember a quote that says: “The worst thing than losing your sight, is losing your vision.”

I know vision comes with feelings and from heart and Allah gives every person that so how can I say that Allah is not being fair?
Think about it, J

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something about women and their fantasies :)

Woman of all age have some fantasy are regardless of their age or status, but it doesn't mean that we r not practical. Let me explain this with example :

Yesterday, I went to a shoe shop and saw "the shoes of Cinderella" there. These shoes were made of net, they were white in color and looked very delicate. When I wore them, i felt like a princess. But I didn't buy them.
I saw another another black pair of shoes made of leather, which looked strong and more practical.
I bought them.
The reason for buying leather shoes was the need of shoes for daily wear.

There is a misconception that women buy unnecessary thing. But in reality we buy things which are needed, not the things we want to buy or which fancy us. It’s true that we fantasies things but we women are strong enough that when the times comes we ignore our fantasy and do things which are more practical. We women are proud of ourselves because deep down we know that we got the strength to face this world.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Definition of Majlis

I explained the meaning of majlis to my Hindu friend

Friend:"What is majlis?"
Me: "Basically majlis is the gathering in which our religious leader gives lecture on any topic and relates that topic to the incident of karbala"

Friend: "Ok. It sounds a little bit tough."
Me: "No! We go there to attend that lecture. We don't have to give the lecture.”

Friend: "Yes. Got your point"
Me: "Good"

Friend: "But how do they relate every topic?"
Me: "Basically everything we do can be related to good or evil and that’s what they do."

Friend: "Ok"