Friday, June 25, 2010

Topic: Honest Person’s Definition

Last week we were talking about honesty and honest people in my office.
The discussion between me and my superior went as follows:

She:” In my opinion, a person who is honest always tells the truth. But Pakistani people don’t do it. They tell a lie and even if the other person knows they are lying, they don’t accept it”.
Me: “But not all people are like this. Surely there are some good people.”
She: “Like who?”
Me: “I consider myself an honest person”.
She: “Oh really??????”
And I nod my head.
She: “Do u tell lies?”
Me: “Yes, sometimes ………”
She: “And you accept when other person finds you are lying????”
Me: “Yes, I accept my mistakes”.
She “Still you think you are honest person?”
Me: “Yes”.

She starts laughing and left the room. Without listening to what I wanted to say.
I feel really bad that if I tell her that I always speak the truth then it would make me a honest person but in reality, this statement would be a lie.

Because it’s true that mostly I try to speak the truth but sometimes on rare occasions, I do tell a lie but I suck at lying, so mostly people know that I am lying. When they ask about it, I tell the truth. I think I’m courageous as well as honest. Because I accept my mistakes, it doesn’t make me less honest

I didn’t know a single person who would say that he/ she never lied in his / her life.
So isn’t it better that I accept my wrong doing and feel shame in doing so instead of boasting a false fact??????

Hope at least you people understand my point and the new angle of honesty which I’m trying to convey 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Most people ask me,
” How is your job going?”
“How is your experience?”
These questions remind me of “Alice in wonderland”, a story in which a girl named Alice falls into a rabbit hole and steps into a new world.
While going to my job, I feel like stepping into Alice’s shoes and going to wonderland where nothing is as it seems to be.
It’s a world totally apart from the world I’ve lived in up till now.
Things are so different and difficult for me. People are very cooperative but their way of doing things and mentality is totally different than mine.
I get very confused because all the things I believed in have been altered somehow and have no value in their eyes
Even if they say a simple thing, it seems like riddle to me
And sometimes I wonder if it’s happening to me only or do other feels like this too?
I‘m trying to survive in this wonderland.

Let’s hope that I can do it with head held up high! J