Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Most people ask me,
” How is your job going?”
“How is your experience?”
These questions remind me of “Alice in wonderland”, a story in which a girl named Alice falls into a rabbit hole and steps into a new world.
While going to my job, I feel like stepping into Alice’s shoes and going to wonderland where nothing is as it seems to be.
It’s a world totally apart from the world I’ve lived in up till now.
Things are so different and difficult for me. People are very cooperative but their way of doing things and mentality is totally different than mine.
I get very confused because all the things I believed in have been altered somehow and have no value in their eyes
Even if they say a simple thing, it seems like riddle to me
And sometimes I wonder if it’s happening to me only or do other feels like this too?
I‘m trying to survive in this wonderland.

Let’s hope that I can do it with head held up high! J


  1. new experiences bring new lessons. best of luck :)

  2. it seems like i m on dengerous adventure
    dangerous because i don't know what will going to be my next step :)

  3. Its your 1st exp.. nai that y??? when u will continue you will understand the reason y?? this is like that OK

  4. life is full of surprises! expect the unexpected and all the best for your future endeavors.

  5. iA you will feel comfortable there soon.

  6. wonderland is wonderland for only a few weeks or months, then you'll feel like you are at your own home. :)