Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It’s very easy to give advice but very difficult to follow it yourself. People always say that before giving advice try to put you in place of other person but the fact is you can’t do that because our way of thinking and personality might be different from other person. Another reason is, talking or imagining about something is totally different from actually experiencing that thing.

Most physically abused people are bounded mentally and emotionally rather than physically. They are mentally paralyzed by the pain which they endure and we can’t understand that pain or the feeling. It is possible that if we are in their place we don’t follow our own advice J

They have to overcome their fear and it’s the biggest challenge, the people who can do that are courageous people and they can face anything.

In my opinion the only advice you can give to anybody is: 
“Face your own fear and try to fight with it “