Monday, November 1, 2010


Praying is a very important part of our life and every religion teaches its follower to pray .

Praying is basically a symbol of hope. In other words, it shows us
that we are hoping for something. But the question is: What are we hoping to get though our prayers?

Most people have the opinion that "we should pray to Allah for what we deserve instead of what we desire because what we deserve would be much better than what we desire."

But I think we should not pray for either what we deserve or what we desire.

We should only pray for Allah's Blessing, because only HE can bless us with what we actually desire in a way that we deserve.

We can only be safe when we are under Allah's blessing. :)
I pray "May Allah bless you all." :D


  1. u r right :) exactly Allah know every thing about us. But we should ask to Allah for our desires as well. HE is kind enough to bless us our good desires even those for which we didnt deserve :). Bcz Allah says muj sy mango. So should pray for Allah's blessings as well as for specific thing :)

  2. @ather thanks for your comment

    @rizwan mangna cahiye lakin zid nahi karni cahiye :)

  3. As Allah knows everything so He knows whatt we deserve but still He likes us to beg what is our desire.

  4. True Ismat but i also need to tell u all onething that we all should keep in mind that we should pray 5 times namaaz daily u know y because kuch log aise hote hai ke jinhe jab kuch chahiye tab woh Allah ko yaad karte hai that is wrong we should always pray because Allah ki badayi kitni kee jaye kam hai aur namaz every body knows it is farz (compulsory ) so start praying may Allah bless us all Ameen