Monday, July 26, 2010

Planning The Wonderland Escape

Even thought I’ve lived in this wonderland for so long and learned lots of new things but, the thing is that it will always remain wonderland and I don’t want to be here.

But the problem is I‘m lost in this world and can’t find my way back to my world. I know I will find my way because I have belief in myself. :)

This world is just like puzzle to me here they say one thing, but means something totally different; I always have to guess their motives. It’s tiring job.

It’s a deceiving world and my biggest fear is that if I live here too long then I will become one of them and lose my way as well myself forever.

The lessons I have learned are not so pleasant either. They will always remain in my mind as bad memories.

Hope that I will come out of this wonderland soon even thought I’m sure that I will be a changed person but it would be me. :)


  1. Listen to your Bro, you cannot always change what is going to happen, try to do good, as much as you can. Read less romantic/umera ahmed novels, lol. Read Quran with meanings, as much as you can and concentrate on your professional life. family will always be with you. And reading Quran will keep you on track. In truth each of us will die and will be judged on how good we were to Allah and his creations. Pray more, you are still very lazy at that :)
    People who say one thing and mean other: you will learn to ignore them.
    No body will live for ever, so, remember me, lol.
    I love you guys and i miss you.

  2. "But the problem is I‘m lost in this world and can’t find my way back to my world."

    I don't understand where is ur world and where u r lost.

  3. Sorry to say...wrong perception!!!!! might be some mishaps!!!! but dont forget the other side of the picture!!!!

  4. what is the other side of the picture ????