Friday, April 9, 2010


Today someone ask me "What would i do and feel, if i know that the next breath i m abt to draw will be the last."

In reply i close my eyes and start imagine what if there is some toxic gas in my room and i m going to die because of it .

The 1st thing that came into my mind is "I will ask forgiveness from ALLAH and than take the deep breath to feel the life last time :) "

Than I start thinking about weather it is good or bad? Why m I not afraid of dying? I m not very pious person, and not very religious person either than y didn't I feel fear? Why am I ok with weather I live or die?

Than I remember my feeling when i was in 9th, exams are near but my preparation of chemistry is very very bad, it seems like I m going to fail my paper but still I go and give paper by some miracle I pass that exam.

Same is the case with me now, even though I m not prepare but I have faith in ALLAH‘s generous nature and I m hoping that HE would forgive me. Regardless of weather I deserve it or not .
What if ALLAH just forgive me because I have faith in HIM :)


  1. As long as my mother is happy with me i am sure that God would be atleast 70 times happier if not much :]

  2. like u told u earlier having no fear for death is a bliss plus dangerous because few days ago some one asked me "why i am always scared", i dont know why but what came out of my lips was "because i dont want to die". so if u need to live longer u need to have fear. its true that we should be bold and shud not fear death n bla bla.... but believe me no matter how bold any one is, no one wants to die... n deep inside u therez got to be this fear of death because this is wat keeps u alive... THINK,,,,

  3. Excellent,Must read this blog.May ALLAH give us all death in faith. Aameen.!!!

  4. so wE shOuld aLWAys bELIEVE On Our gReAT ALLAH.!!!<3

  5. It is good that u paste ur thoughts, But diffrent people have diffrent faiths so what u say to those people who dont belive in GOD?